My story begins here

Thousands of tired, nerve-shaken, over-civilized people are beginning to find that going to the mountains is going home.” – Naturalist John Muir, 1898

7.23.2018 – Palisades Interstate Park, Alpine, NJ.

Today is a great day for a hike–and to launch my website! (virtual confetti). Welcome to my launch party

After a month long process working with the support of my friend, Jose (Movetheneedlellc), who literally, pushed me to sit in a chair, write, and map out—on his dry-ease walls!—the look and feeI of this website so that I can accomplish my most exciting, fear-provoking endeavor: becoming a heart-centered entrepreneur.

So where does my story begin? The abridged version: in nature. My passion for the outdoors and hiking lead me to where I am today: on a mission to inspire youth and adults, alike to connect to nature and venture inward to promote growth—to heal with sole. In my pursuit of starting an outdoor youth enrichment program, I have been blessed to connect with other female entrepreneurs to run adult outdoor excursions that promote wellness through outdoor exploration and community.

Heal with Sole  is a concept of personal development by way of connecting to nature and exploring the self through reflective activities that promote healthy social and emotional practices for a balanced life.  My goal is to work with youth ages 10 – 17 through the Heal with Sole  outdoor enrichment curriculum as well as to continue collaborating with adult programs (Special Events).

For me, healing is an ongoing journey of personal growth. This journey is a path to living a balanced and healthy life.  Through Heal with Sole, I hope to be of service to my community by encouraging outdoor activity and meaningful conversations to help individuals tune in and explore out. As individuals, we are meant to experience life in all of its divine chaos but we often do not have the space or connections to communicate our experiences openly. Nature provides the space. My goal is help people navigate the trail and engage them in self-reflection to grow their self-awareness.

Given my professional background in program coordination and development, I knew I didn’t want to treat this endeavor as just a business, I wanted to have it function like an educational service from the heart. Since February of this year, I have been working on putting together a curriculum that not only encompasses best practices for building emotional intelligence among our youth, but I have created fun activities that I hope will resonate with my prospective program participants.

With this blog and my business pursuits, I hope to share my voice as a heart-centered entrepreneur, especially with something so delicate as promoting emotional and social intelligence among followers–not just youth, but to a wider audience. As I step forward on this path toward entrepreneurship and service, my approach is that of advocacy and community building, and always, treating my interactions as opportunities for learning and connection.

I hope you follow me on this journey and connect with me to experience a Heal with Sole outing!

–See you on the Trail!

Love and peace,

Julie, Founder of Heal with SoleTM


healwithsoleMy story begins here