Our goal is simple: promote social and emotional enrichment among youth (ages 10 – 17) through guided, reflective hiking expeditions. In this digital age it is important for our youth to find opportunities to build their connection to the natural world, themselves and each other. Our purpose is to help youth build their social and emotional competencies by exploring nature.  Heal with Sole believes nature allows us to hold meaningful conversations to engage the body, expand the mind and honor the soul. Each of our youth programs encompasses the following areas of enrichment:

  • Engage the Body. Our hiking expeditions offer a healthy physical activity that gives youth an opportunity to engage in physical activity that is moderate to vigorous in intensity. Through our 5-week or 10-week programs, participants will be able to jump-start their journey to living an active and balanced life.
  • Expand the Mind. Our curriculum is based on the principles of emotional intelligence while integrating hiking basics and safety. Each week participants will explore hiking basics and develop their social and emotional literacy with interactive activities on self-control, emotional awareness and understanding, peer-related social skills, and social problem solving.
  • Honor the Soul. Our name gives us away. We want to help youth “heal with sole” by helping them step in nature to see more than the views. Each step in nature is meant to help them understand how they have the strength, endurance and talent to achieve something for themselves. Trailing for 2 to 3 hours is no easy feat! We aim to help youth realize their journey begins with small steps in order to take on big challenges!



Target group: Youth ages 10-13 years old

Program options:
5 weeks | 5 hikes or 10 weeks | 10 hikes

Brief overview: Curriculum designed
to help youth, ages 10 to 13 years old, build
a connection to nature, engage in mindful 
practice and explore creative expression. 

Target group: Youth ages 14-17 years old

Program options:
5 weeks | 5 hikes or 10 weeks | 10 hikes

Brief overview: Curriculum designed
to promote emotional intelligence and
physical endurance. Activities include
intercultural communication, social 
competencies building, and
outlining personal strengths and development plans. 

Target group: Open

Program options: 4 hr Program 

Brief overview: One day youth retreat 
available to all ages 10-17 years old. 
Program is structured to introduce
participants to hiking basics, trail navigation and encourage
self-reflection and interpersonal communication.  

healwithsoleYouth Program